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Grave of Paul Krieger.01.jpg

Grave of Paul Krieger.01.jpg

Grave of Paul Siegfried Krieger at the German War Cemetery in Cannock Chase. Paul was one of the German prisoners of war being detained at the Leigh POW camp. Paul had been a gardener before the war. He became ill and died on the 16 May 1916. His cause of death was believed to be paratyphoid fever and pulmonary tuberculosis. Originally buried at Leigh Cemetery, Paul's body along with the bodies of the 12 other German prisoners of war who had died at the camp, were exhumed and buried at Cannock Chase in 1962. This move came about following an Agreement between the United Kingdom and Germany concerning the future care of graves of German nationals who lost their lives in the United Kingdom during the wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45. Photograph courtesy of Graham Conroy, 2017.

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