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1952-1953, Jane Grundy, Chair of Tyldesley Urban District Council

Tyldesley’s first female councillor and first female chair, Jane Grundy, first served on the Tyldesley Urban District Council in 1945.

Jane had been co-opted to serve in 1945, a time at which Fred Longworth said there was a ‘distinct prejudice against women councillors’. Despite these challenges though Jane broke down the prejudice through proof of her own ‘sterling qualities’. On being elected Jane said she was there not to keep the male members of the Council in order but to serve the citizens of Tyldesley.

Born Jane Dawson in Westleigh in 1885 , her father Adam was a joiner. By 1891, the family including Jane’s mother Mary and her two brothers Thomas and Henry were living in Atherton.

In 1909 Jane married a spinner, William Grundy, at St Anne’s in Hindsford. Jane and William had two children Amelia and Adam.

In 1945 Jane made history as Tyldesley’s first female councillor and again in 1952 as Tyldesley’s first female chair.

Jane worked with the Blackmoor Co-operative Women’s Guild and served as their president for a number of years. During her service on the council Jane was a member of the Divisional Health and Education committees. Jane also became governor for the Tyldesley Boys and Girls Grammar School as well as Leigh Girls Grammar School.

In 1958 Jane retired from the council but on leaving she said ‘I shall still work for young and old people as long as I possibly can’. And continue she did, Jane became a member of Tyldesley Aged Peoples’ Voluntary Welfare Committee and secretary of the Luncheon Club.

Jane died on Christmas Day 1969 and was buried in Tyldesley Cemetery.


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