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German POW Camp Memorial

German POW Camp Memorial


This memorial was based on designs by pupils from Lowton West Primary School. Artist Emma Brown and pupils from Lowton West created the finished piece. The memorial includes archive images of the men from the camp as well as alluding to the land the prisoners once used for exercise now being the site where Leigh East plays rugby.

This section of the site will record the names of men, both German and British, who were connected to the camp. If you would like to include a name please contact archives@wigan.gov.uk

Names of the German soldiers who died at the camp

Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Schmidt (Fusilier - 35th Infantry Regiment)

Wilhelm Hofschild (Unteroffizier Non-Commissioned Officer - 211th Reserve Infantry Regiment)

Heinrich Schneider (Reservist - 74th Hanoverian Regiment)

Ernst Heinrich Rabbow (Kriegsfreiwilliger War Volunteer - 211th Reserve Infantry Regiment)

Paul Siegfried Kreiger (Kriegsfreiwilliger War Volunteer - 241st Reserve Infantry Regiment)

Gottlief Gottfried Nichziol (Jaeger - Rifleman - 4th Jaeger Regiment)

Otto Gunther (Kriegsfreiwilliger War Volunteer - 212th Reserve Infantry Regiment)

Eugen Appel (Infanterist - Infantryman - 250th Prussian Infantry Regiment)

Thomas Bekaan ( Soldat - Soldier - Corporal - 9th Bavarian Infantry Regiment)

Friedrich Johann Heinrich Rothermund (Musketier - Musketeer - 29th Prussian Reserve Infantry Regiment)

Otto Utz (Landwehrmann Territorial Reserve - 109th Reserve Infantry Regiment)

Ernst Rehm (Ersatz-Reservist Special Reserve - 157th Prussian Infantry Regiment)

Otto Wirth (Unteroffizier Non-Commissioned Officer - 4th Prussian Grenadier Regiment)

Names of the British Soldiers who served at the camp

Lance-Corporal Hawkins

Sergeant Albin

Sergeant Webster

Lance-Corporal Elliott

Sergeant Joseph Wagstaff 


These names have been taken from the following resources:

The German Prisoner of War Camp at Leigh 1914-1919 by Leslie Smith

Leigh Journal

Leigh Chronicle

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