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House and Lands of Sir Roger Bradshaigh (3rd Baronet)

House and Lands of Sir Roger Bradshaigh (3rd Baronet)

Sir Roger Bradshaigh (1675 to 1747) owned the Haigh estate which can be seen in the painting of Haigh Hall by Jan Kip who produced it in 1707. Throughout his life Sir Roger held the posts of Mayor and Member of Parliament. Sir Roger seemed to have lived mainly in London at that time, with his wife Lady Bradshaigh. Lady Bradshaigh died on the 11 September 1743, her body was sent back to Wigan for the funeral.

In 1742 Sir Roger Bradshaigh handed the estate to his son who was also known as Sir Roger Bradshaigh.



'Life and Times at Haigh Hall – 800 years of history' by Donald Anderson


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