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Wigan Court Leet

The manorial court leet was normally held at Easter and Michaelmas, the mayor presiding as steward. Disputes between the corporation and rector led to an agreement in 1619 under which the Michalemas Leet, the St. Luke's fair, the Friday market and the Court of Pleas were awarded to the corporation, the rector retaining the Easter leet, the Ascension Day fair, the Monday market and jurisdiction over his own household and servants. The manorial rights were purchased outright in 1860.

The extant rolls record administrative and judicial business. The fomer include petitions of both Wiganers and 'foreigners' to be allowed to carry on a particular trade or activity, or against the activities of others, the election of borough officials and the names of burgesses of the borough. The judicial business covers presentments for assault, slander, trespass, nuisance and other moderate offences.

1 collection was found within Wigan Court Leet