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1902-1903 and 1906-1907, W Horrocks, Mayor of Leigh

William was elected as the fourth Mayor of Leigh in November 1902 and again in 1906.

Born at his father’s shop in High Street on the 16 September 1847, William was the only son of John, an old tradesman of Leigh.

William attended the Bedford Church School and Leigh Grammar School. He also attended Ormskirk Grammar School.  

In April 1893 William was nominated for the Pennington Ward on the Leigh Local Board. The Leigh Urban District Council was formed in 1899 and William became a councillor for the St Thomas ward.

In 1902 he became the Mayor of Leigh and then again in 1906. In his first year as mayor William swore in the first Leigh Borough magistrates. In his second year of office the new town hall was opened in July 1907 and William presented the town with the mace. William’s name can still be seen on the entrance to Leigh Town Hall commemorating the building’s opening.

He gained many positions including the President of Leigh Conservative Club and Bedford Conservative Club. He was also a senior trustee and manager of Leigh Saving Bank and a trustee of Leigh Infirmary.

William was involved with St Thomas’ Church, Bedford. He was vicar’s warden for 15 years and a trustee and school manager for 40 years. To commemorate his golden wedding anniversary to his wife Mary Alice, the couple presented Bedford St Tomas with a stained glass window. They had their wedding in the church in 1876

William was appointed Justice of the Peace for the Borough. He was also appointed many and various other positions in the local branches.

He was a corn dealer until he retired from business a few years before his death.

He was also a Director for various companies such as Mather Lane Spinning Company and Leigh and Pennington and Stanley Mill Company.

His eldest son John was Mayor of Leigh from 1924 to 1925.

Written by Ken Bullas


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